‘Zero Dark Thirty’ review

by Sonny Bunch on January 11, 2013

The screen is black. Voices shout at us as we stare into the void. They are radio recordings from 9/11: The sounds of confused air traffic controllers overlap with the words of a frightened woman stranded at the top of one of the towers, choking on smoke while an emergency operator struggles to keep her […]


Cult in the Connected Age, ctd.

by Sonny Bunch on December 7, 2012

When the rise of television destroyed moviegoing as a mass habit, it simultaneously enhanced the opportunities for film fetishism and ritual screenings. Movies became integral to the celebration of religious events. King of Kings, Easter Parade, White Christmas, and Micracle on 34th Street were invariably telecast on their appropriate holidays. Starting in the mid-1950s, The Wizard of […]


Silly platitudes, 140 characters at a time

by Sonny Bunch on November 12, 2012

I was so struck by this Conor Friedersdorf tweet over the weekend that I tucked it away for future reference as a prime example of “tweets that sound profound but are actually relatively silly”: If a CIA director’s affair imperils national security maybe we should rethink the extent to which we rely on and empower […]

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Four More Years (of Fail)

by Sonny Bunch on November 7, 2012

So, the election. That was a fun 15 months or so. I wrote a kind of long, extremely overwrought* post last night that will likely never see the light of day. I canned it for a variety of reasons. I would like to relay just one small anecdote, though. (Update below.) After 2008 was in […]


Cabin in the Woods mini-review

by Sonny Bunch on October 13, 2012

Some spoilers below. Please don’t read if you haven’t seen the film and plan on watching it.