Wisconsin: Graveyard of Union Empires

by Sonny Bunch on May 9, 2012

Wisconsin is turning into a real quagmire for the national unions: They keep pouring precious dues money into the state—which has a much higher unionization rate than the nation at large—in the hopes of defeating pro-worker measures favored by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and they keep getting their butts kicked. The latest disgrace came last night, as Charlie Sykes documents:

Not only did their handpicked candidate get crushed in the Democrats’ own primary — after unions dumped $4 million or more into her candidacy — but the vote had an unexpected twist: Even though he faced only token opposition, and despite some GOP crossovers to vote for Kathleen Falk, Governor Scott Walker got MORE votes than Tom Barrett and Falk COMBINED.

This comes after the unions spent at least $30M in a failed effort to flip the Wisconsin Senate from Republican control to Democratic:

The government unions directly spent more than $15 million in trying to recall six Republican senators as payback for their role in reducing collective bargain powers and the ability of unions to forcibly collect dues. The reforms supported by the senators also made most state government workers pay more for their health insurance and pension benefits.

At least another $15 million from unregistered groups that do not have to provide detailed reporting came from outside groups, most of it in support of the unions’ recall effort.

The money isn’t done flowing into Wisconsin yet: National Democrats are bound and determined to make Scott Walker pay for daring to dramatically improve his state’s finances. Walker’s camp predicts that Democratic spending could top out at as high as $60M over the whole recall.

This is amazingly good news for Republicans: $60M wasted in Wisconsin is $60M that can’t be spent on get out the vote efforts in tight swing states like Virginia or North Carolina or Colorado or New Mexico or wherever else Obama and Senate Dems will need votes. Wisconsin is a quagmire that the unions and their Democratic clients just can’t pull themselves out of.

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