What does this ad mean?

by Sonny Bunch on July 16, 2012

I found a bus stop ad to be kind of confusing so I asked Twitter to see what you’d make of it. And you didn’t disappoint.

Victor and John got literal:

Well, yes, I think that’s what it means. But maybe that should be at the top of the ad instead of buried down at the bottom? Also, given the cost of theater concessions, what would you have to do to save enough money to buy that? Set your AC to 85? Forego laundry for a month? Finally, does a giant tub of popcorn need to dominate 80% of the space?

Sara suggests yes, it does:

Corn came in for a beating with Jim:

Jason, however, got the correct answer:

The lesson, as always: Government bureaucrats are great at everything.

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