The Wussification of America: A Continuing Series

by Sonny Bunch on January 23, 2012

New Hampshire legislators have proposed an anti-bullying bill…….aimed at legislators who are too mean to each other:

A group of moderate Republicans and Democrats have taken aim at Republican House Speaker William O’Brien with a bill banning bullying of any member of the state’s House of Representatives, including behavior that causes physical harm, inflicts emotional distress or creates a hostile environment.

Violators could be subject to civil penalties of up to $2,500.

The bill’s author, Representative Susan Emerson, a Republican, was subjected to a lengthy tirade by O’Brien last year that left her weeping after she proposed a number of amendments that would restore healthcare funding to a budget bill, said Representative Tim Copeland, a fellow Republican who said he overheard the incident.

To paraphrase Kid Rock in the immortal Joe Dirt: Maybe we can get a wah-burger with those French cries? How about a Whine-akein? You don’t like that someone yelled at you? Then don’t be a politician, honey. Really, don’t get any job at all. If you can’t handle your boss getting tough with you because you’ve screwed something up or done something that he doesn’t like and break down in tears as a result, then you probably shouldn’t be in the workforce, period. Fining people for making their coworkers and subordinates cry? Absurd and a sign of America’s decline.

Susan Emerson, I hope your vanity Google search picks up this post, because I really want you to know something: You are terrible. You are the reason America is going down the drain. You are the worst politician ever. I hope you lose your next race by 40 points.

Don’t like what I have to say? Go have a cry about it.

(Image by jurvetson.)

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