The literary canon is dude-heavy. Your point is?

by Sonny Bunch on April 1, 2012

So, Jezebel is all whingy about the fact that DJ D.G. Myers has compiled a list of the most-cited American writers and only five of the top 25 are women. Writes Jezebel’s Doug Barry,

America’s literary canon — our national roster of masters and masterworks — is teeming with penises. It’s like a whole forest of penises that some really dedicated environmentalists have chained themselves to so that the big bad bulldozers of feminist criticism can’t start clearing the land for something new and interesting, like a birth canal-themed water park.

Etc. He then notes that internationally, things are no better. Women just aren’t getting their propers! 2,000 words of loud noises!

Notably absent from that 2,000 words, however, is, well, any suggestion of lady-writers who should be in the top 25. I mean, if you’re going to get up on your high horse and sanctimoniously carp about the forest of penises blocking your view of the unfairly ignored valley of vaginas* shouldn’t you at least talk about some of the denizens of that valley who deserve attention?

If you want to prove that the canon is sexist, do it. Don’t just point out the imbalance and expect that to carry your argument for you.

*Am I doing this right?

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Dubya April 3, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Actually, you both get it wrong. It’s a valley of penises:

Written by a man (who in Season 9 became a woman and then in Season 12 became a man again).


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