The art of juxtaposition


by Sonny Bunch on January 14, 2013

“You’re either with us or against us in the fight against terror.” — George W. Bush, November 6, 2001 press conference. “Do yourself a favor, and don’t go see [Zero Dark Thirty]. Don’t encourage film-making that at best offers ambiguity about torture, and at worst endorses it. Spend the two and a half hours and the […]

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Betraying the voters (by giving them what they want)

by Sonny Bunch on December 9, 2012

Two years ago, a newly elected Rick Snyder told the Free Press editorial board he was determined to be a new kind of governor — a pragmatist focused like a laser on initiatives that promised to raise standards of living for all Michiganders. … In short, we trusted Snyder’s judgment. That trust has now been […]


‘Deserve’s’ got nothin’ to do with it

by Sonny Bunch on November 29, 2012

From the Washington Examiner: “I feel I deserve $15 an hour,” said Linda Archer, 59 a McDonalds cashier. “I work very hard.” Archer currently earns $8 an hour and averages 24 hours a week. From Unforgiven: Having spent my teenage years as a McDonald’s employee, I feel some measure of sympathy for Ms. Archer.* But the simple […]


From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Veruca Salt: I want a bean feast. Mr. Salt: Oh, one of those. Veruca: Cream buns and doughnuts and fruitcake with no nuts / So good you could go nuts Mr. Salt: You can have all those things when you get home. Veruca: No, noooooow. From the Guardian: Frederic Filloux: A couple of […]


The ideology of the Beatles

by Sonny Bunch on October 9, 2012

The Beatles are now background music, unable to fulfil the most basic criteria of art – to provoke and stimulate. The problem is that we’re simply too removed from the revolutions they fought and the British past they reacted against. They challenged a world of clear class and gender distinctions, lingering imperial memories, and patriarchal […]

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Dog Whistles

by Sonny Bunch on September 17, 2012

Was Newt Gingrich’s comment about Barack Obama being a “food stamp president” a racist dog whistle? For chrissake. Of course it was. Kevin Drum, “Newt Gingrich, the Yacht Club Candidate” [Romney’s] going to skate as close to the race line as he can while still retaining at least a smidgen of deniability about what he’s doing. […]


Mixed Messaging

by Sonny Bunch on September 5, 2012

Barack Obama, April 2012: “I’m a firm believer that whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, that you’re a patriot, you care about this country, you love this country,” Obama said at an intimate fundraiser in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. “And so I’m not somebody who, when we’re in a political contest, suggests somehow that […]


So you’re saying there’s a chance!

by Sonny Bunch on August 22, 2012

The US did not force the people of Egypt to be free; which is why their revolution has a chance of succeeding. The US did try to force Iraq to be free, which is why I remain profoundly skeptical of that country’s “democratic future.” —Andrew Sullivan “I suggest that anyone who is planning to take […]


Gee, which is worse

by Sonny Bunch on August 12, 2012

I get it. The Chocolate City has changed. It isn’t what it used to be, and I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that D.C. was once so marred by murder that it was nicknamed Dodge City or that there is now a hipster bar on U St. that holds the same name. —Stephen A. […]


Occupy Violence and The Dark Knight Rises

by Sonny Bunch on July 22, 2012

Rightwing commentator John Nolte argues thatthe film has forced Occupy Wall Street into “damage control” and praises the director, Christopher Nolan, for “using the kind of conservative themes that most of artistically bankrupt Hollywood refuses to go near any more”. Fellow rightwinger Christian Toto argues that it is impossible to read the film except as an anti-Occupy Wall […]