Some more partners for the Atlantic to team up with

by Sonny Bunch on January 15, 2013

The Atlantic hilariously sold space on their website to Scientology to talk about the awesome year their not-at-all creepy head has pulled together for the cult. Jim Treacher has the details here. After a relentless campaign of mockery on Twitter (and possibly some shenanigans by the aforementioned creepy cult in the advertorial’s comments section) the Atlantic pulled their decadent, unethical ad campaign.

But fear not! I’ve scoped out some more unsavory characters for the Atlantic to team up with!

  • The North Koreans: Kim Jung Un has a pretty tough time getting positive press. So why not just buy some in one of America’s oldest and most prestigious literary magazines? I can just envision the headlines now: “Kim Jung Un Oversees Banner Year for North Korean Crops; Juche Ideology Starves Record Low Number of People!”
  • Russia: Vladimir Putin ran into a bit of trouble when he put on his “Comically Evil Commie” hat and banned the adoption of Russian children by American couples. But how about an advertorial to help you achieve his chiseled body and rough-hewn good looks? “Ten Tips to Give You Pootie-Poot’s Pecs!”
  • Fidel Castro: The Cuban strongman really gets a bad rap, doesn’t he? Well, maybe he can improve that overseas image with a transcription of one his famous 12-hour monologues! “Why Capitalism Is Destined to Fail, in 120,000 Simple Words.”
  • BP: BP’s public perception really took a hit when they spilled oil all over the Gulf of Mexico. But they could turn that frown upside down with a slideshow! “17 Animals Made Twice as Cute by Covering them in Oil” has a catchy ring to it. And just think about all the cute lil critters, blinking to get the crude out of their big ol’ eyes. Aw.

Look, I’m no advertising genius. I’m sure the magazine’s masterminds are all over selling the Atlantic brand to the highest bidder. I just glad someone is working to make sure journalism can survive in the digital age in a remarkably ethical manner.

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Pat January 16, 2013 at 3:25 pm

This must have made your week after dealing with that apple-polishing hall monitor Conor Friedersdorf, whose essential, ethical journalism consists entirely of concern-trolling the WFB, NRO, and Breitbart.


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