So you’re saying there’s a chance!

by Sonny Bunch on August 22, 2012

The US did not force the people of Egypt to be free; which is why their revolution has a chance of succeeding. The US did try to force Iraq to be free, which is why I remain profoundly skeptical of that country’s “democratic future.”

Andrew Sullivan

“I suggest that anyone who is planning to take to the street on August 24 leave a farewell letter at home, because we are going to take care of him.” These words, which could be interpreted as incitement to murder, were written last week by none other than Ahmed Mohammed Morsi, son of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, on his Facebook page. The younger Morsi’s threats are directed at the organizers of and participants in a demonstration expected to take place this coming Friday, against the Muslim Brotherhood government and against Morsi personally.

Ahmed Morsi’s provocative post did not, however, stir up a storm like the one stirred up by Sheikh Hashem Islam, a member of Egypt’s Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, who said similar things at an appearance at the Diplomatic Club in Cairo. The cleric “proved,” by means of verses from the Koran, that anyone who opposes the elected government is like a rebel and a heretic, and can thus be killed. Therefore anyone who participates in the demonstration on Friday will do so under the threat of a death sentence.

—Ha’artez, “Egypt’s new discourse

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