Rob Liefeld is why we can’t have nice things

by Sonny Bunch on August 27, 2012

As a comic book reader who came of age in the late-80s/early-90s and was thoroughly steeped in the Marvel/DC/Image shenanigans that took place during that time, can I just say that I’ve never—ever—understood why fans like Rob Liefeld? Todd MacFarlane, I understood. Jim Lee, I understood. Erik Larsen—who I think was probably the most underrated of all those early Image dudes, btw—I understood. But Rob Liefeld? Really? Really people?

Anyway, all of this is a way of saying that I greatly enjoyed Progressive Boink’s second extended takedown of this terrible multi-millionaire who can barely draw. A taste:

The worst thing about Rob Liefeld (by which I mean “one of the attributes of Rob Liefeld”) is that he refuses to make any adjustments to his art. Motherfucker has never owned an eraser in his entire life. Never needed one. He draws the fist, draws the sword handle, draws the hilt, then decides he wants the blade to be pointing in a different direction. Rather than just shrug and have the blade follow the line of the shit he’s already drawn, or erase what he’s drawn and rearrange it to conform to what he wants, he rolls his eyes, repositions his backwards-facing baseball cap, and draws the blade HOWEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS. No word on whether he takes the time to say to the picture he’s drawing, “You know who the fuck I am, drawing? I’m Rob. Fucking. Liefeld. The blade goes where I say it goes.”

There’s 39 more where that came from. Fly you fools!

 Look, all kidding aside, the fact that this clown has survived through, literally, generations of comic book fans, comic book publishers, and comic book editors is a ringing indictment of the medium. And don’t give me this “Oh, Michael Bay doesn’t make art either, but movies aren’t indicted by him blah blah blah.” Michael Bay’s actually good at what he does. Dude’s Kurosawa compared to Liefeld.

(Hat tip to JVL for spotting this.)

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