Occupy Violence and The Dark Knight Rises

by Sonny Bunch on July 22, 2012

Rightwing commentator John Nolte argues thatthe film has forced Occupy Wall Street into “damage control” and praises the director, Christopher Nolan, for “using the kind of conservative themes that most of artistically bankrupt Hollywood refuses to go near any more”. Fellow rightwinger Christian Toto argues that it is impossible to read the film except as an anti-Occupy Wall Street treatise. “Bane’s henchmen literally attack Wall Street, savagely beat the rich and promise the good people of Gotham that ‘tomorrow, you claim what is rightfully yours’.”

Such readings spuriously conflate Occupy Wall Street’s anti-capitalism with the indiscriminate violence used by Bane and his followers.

Batman’s political right turn,” Mark Fisher, The Guardian. Emphasis mine.

This week I went to street demonstrations on May Day on Market Street. The sensible people were gone. Later bricks were thrown, windows broken, walls were spray-painted. It was dumb, mindless violence.

On the other hand, I’m old. Maybe I’m out of touch. I checked in with Jason Perkins, the owner of a hip music venue called Brick and Mortar in the Mission district. His small businesses there and in Oakland had taken $30,000 in damages.

“Look,” he said. “anybody that knows me knows I’m as radical as anybody. I think everybody at Goldman Sachs should be in jail. But to break my windows and I was forced to close the club — that’s really helping the movement. I saw guys on the street who said, Hey I was at the last Occupy protest. And they break the window in MY car? I’m as disappointed in the movement as I am in the damage.”

“Occupy violence kills support—even in the Mission,” C.W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle.

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