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by Sonny Bunch on February 8, 2012

I have to be one of those bloggers who turns into a curator and says “Hey, look at these other bloggers and all the great stuff they’re doing.” But, um, this is a busy week. So I might limit myself to a couple of link posts a day for a little while.

Andrew Stiles has a good piece on the never-ending hypocrisy that is the Obama Administration. In this instance, it has to do with the campaign again violating its pledge to avoid taking money from lobbyists.

Jonathan V. Last takes Matt Yglesias, the self-described “liberal Matt Continetti,” to task for his idiotic and poorly thought out hit job on Matt Continetti’s “Combat Journalism.”

I liked Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry’s piece on why we shouldn’t worry about the general ignorance of the voting populace, and think he would agree with the sentiment behind my approval of Mitt Romney’s for reasons of competence rather than reasons of ideology, if not the actual approval itself.

That’s all for now. Make sure to stop by like, ten or twenty times today. We’re updating pretty constantly.

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