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by Sonny Bunch on February 15, 2012

President Obama’s surgical strikes to take out Osama bin Laden and Somali pirates who are holding American hostages are the closest an American president’s come to behaving like a bona fide action hero in decades.

is an insane thing to say. It just totally misunderstands what being an “action hero” is. An action hero isn’t the dude sitting behind the desk giving the orders, it’s the dude who gets the orders and does the killing. By Rosenberg’s logic, the real hero in Predator isn’t Ah-nuld and his band of merry mercs, it’s whichever desk jockey back in the States greenlit the mission. For the record, the closest thing we’ve had to an American president behaving like a bona fide action hero in decades came during Air Force One. American presidents, while they are presidents, simply cannot be “action heroes” under any reasonable definition of the phrase.

  • Julian Sanchez has a good, kind of geeky, post on extended universes and comic book continuities, though I’m not sure I quite agree. Anyway, entirely worth reading. It reminded me that one of the things I liked most about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot was the way it worked both within the Star Trek mythos while simultaneously setting up a way to work outside the mythos in future installments:

    Yes, there is time travel. It’s a tricky convention to pull off, but Mr. Abrams and company do so quite nicely; without spoiling too many details, the filmmakers have crafted a scenario in which they can tell the back story of the original series, simultaneously create a parallel Star Trek universe – and supply a welcome excuse for the reappearance of the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy.

    It’s a clever trick, one designed both to please hard-core fans wary of filmmakers mucking with the original show’s “canon” and to allow the filmmakers free reign in crafting the story as they see fit without worrying about literal-minded fidelity to the source material.

  • Andrew Stiles has a good piece at the Washington Free Beacon on John Kerry’s manipulation of Medicare reimbursement rates to score a major campaign donor tens of millions dollars. If you’re not outraged about government malfeasance, you’re not reading Andrew Stiles.

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