More Hecklers

by Sonny Bunch on July 11, 2012

So, slap on some headphones and listen to Godfrey’s epic destruction of hecklers who were, GASP, complaining about rape jokes. Just do it.

Now. Where’s the outrage? Where’re the complaints? I wish to god we had video comparing this and the Tosh incident. I think it’d be instructive. For the record: I think Godfrey’s totally in the right. But he’s actually making a violent threat here, something Daniel Tosh most certainly was not. And I don’t see word one. I didn’t see boo when this was posted last year. Because Godfrey’s not popular enough? Perhaps. Or maybe—just maybe—the Internet got a little bored and needed a two minutes hate. And who better to hate than the dude with seven figure Twitter followers and a relatively popular show on Comedy Central?


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Nathan July 12, 2012 at 5:11 pm

The late, great Patrice O’Neal schools a NOW spokesperson on just this subject:


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