Leveling the playing field

by Sonny Bunch on November 17, 2012

For years, the media—especially the international media—has been far harder on Israel than those living in the Palestinian territories. One obvious recent example: Before this week did you have any idea that almost a thousand rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel so far this year? No? But you sure knew about Israeli “aggression” as soon as she retaliated, didn’t you?

To combat this obvious bias, Israel has taken to social media—Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc.—to get the real story out there. They’ve kept people apprised of the situation on the ground in real time. They’ve posted videos of carefully planned, meticulously executed strikes that killed terrorists while leaving civilians totally unharmed.

For this, Israel is called “the Kim Kardashian of nations.”

What we’re seeing here is just another manifestation of bias against the Jewish state. Typically, whenever someone or some nation or some group uses social media in a creative way to bypass existing power structures it is celebrated as a triumph and just another sign of progress and the greatness of the Internet. But when Israel uses it to hammer home the point that its people live under constant threat of death by random rocket attack, its biggest cities are under fire from terrorists who would drive them into the sea, and its people are resilient and unwilling to live under such conditions, well, everybody loses their mind!

It’s a sick joke. But not really a surprise.

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SkinsFanPG November 20, 2012 at 9:14 am

It’s a sick joke, except that it isn’t a joke. I’ll say it again and again: We are not a serious peoples, and the world is a deadly serious and scary place. Not a good combo.


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