King Douche probably shouldn’t have been fired

by Sonny Bunch on August 3, 2012

First, the required joke: It’s kind of funny that King Douche was the CFO of a catheter-tipping company, no?

More seriously, though, I don’t think the guy should’ve been fired. It’s the reason I didn’t put his name or place of business in the original blog post. I’m genuinely disgusted by people like Jonathan Capehart who think that if you disagree with a person’s politics you should use every tool in your chest to destroy their livelihood.

Now, granted, King Douche didn’t lose his job because of his politics. He lost his job because he went to a Chick-fil-A and harassed a woman at a drive thru, videotaped it, and then posted it to the Internet because his smug sense of superiority commanded he do so. He made a fool of himself and proved he was an intolerant jerkoff who gets his jollies by picking on women. He’s clearly a terrible person, but his terribleness has nothing to do with his support for gay marriage.*

That being said, his douchebaggery had nothing to do with the way he did his job at Vante—just as Chick-fil-A’s employees and their wonderful chicken have nothing to do with donations made by the CEO or the company to causes the left disagrees with. And there’s an obvious political tinge to this, given the sensitivity of the whole conversation.

I understand why Vante did what they did. This was an unnecessary headache for the catheter-tippers and it probably makes sense to let him go in this incredibly tense political atmosphere. They have a business to run and protect. And, frankly, the left brought this on King Douche by insisting that the personal is the political and that boycotting companies with which we disagree is not only a reasonable course of action—it’s a required one. I’m not going to shed any tears for the guy’s self-immolation.

Anyway, I look forward to King Douche’s inevitable 1,500 word essay in Salon whinging about the Right Wing Hate Machine and how hatemongers cost him his job and how he’s not that bad of a guy but that woman at Chick-fil-A is basically just a Little Eichmann. Should be fun!

*For example, I’m also a terrible person, but my terribleness has nothing to do with my support for gay marriage.

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Dubya August 3, 2012 at 3:52 pm

Wait, you support gay marraige? I’m boycotting Bunch Blog!


adifferentbrian August 3, 2012 at 4:07 pm

as an employer, i’d have fired him as quickly as vante did, for one reason alone: anyone exhibiting such a profound lack of judgment could never be allowed near my customers, vendors, or employees.

none of the rest of it matters.


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