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by Sonny Bunch on December 12, 2012

Hi folks, Glenn Greenwald here. Given the outrage surrounding my decision to write about—and harshly judge the supporters of—a movie I haven’t seen, I figured like any good troll I should keep up the hard work. So I’m back to let you, the reader, know just what films are politically acceptable to enjoy and judge artistically worthwhile.

A Royal Affair: Well, off the bat, I know I’m going to hate this one. Just look at this tweet!

Granted, I haven’t seen this picture. But it’s obviously a despicable work, a falsehood that violates our most sacred catechism: harsh interrogations never lead to reliable data. Anyone who gives this horror a positive review should be shunned from polite society and/or fed to the dogs. Zero stars (out of four).

The Dark Knight: Surprising difficult film for me to rate. On the one hand, Batman’s harsh interrogation techniques are either unsuccessful (as when he drops Eric Roberts out of a window) or lead to bad intel (as when he roughs up the Joker). So in that way, it’s a politically acceptable film. On the other hand it glorifies the surveillance state. Mixed messages. And don’t even get me started on its sequel, which treats Occupy Wall Street without due reverence. 1.83 stars (out of six).

The Shield‘s series premiere: I just started watching this horrific show that FX produced in the early-’00s. In the first episode a pedophile refuses to give up the whereabouts of his latest victim and demands to see his lawyer—so a cop beats him up! Good God. Doesn’t FX understand that the only reliable way to get intelligence from criminals is with their attorney present? Doesn’t the network understand that some innocent children have to die so we can maintain civil society? Given its premiering shortly after the 9/11 attacks, one wonders just how much cover this gave to the horrors of the George W. Bush regime. Jesus. Anyone who watches this program—which I assume shows there are no consequences whatsoever for the characters involved in such brutality over the next seven seasons—should be put in the gulag. F-Minus (out of A to F scale).

Lethal Weapon: A cop gets tortured. About time the pigs got a taste of their own medicine. Also: strangely erotic. Smiley Face (out of Smiley Face to Frowny Face scale).

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