by Sonny Bunch on May 31, 2012

Liberation is supposed to be about grave matters: elections, education, a free press. But Afghans acted as though superficial things were just as important. As a political commentator noted, “The right to shave may be found in no international treaty or covenant, but it has, in Afghanistan, become one of the first freedoms to which claim is being laid.”

—Virginia Postrel, The Substance of Style

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to prohibit the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants and other locations across the five boroughs, sparking intense opposition from the beverage industry and reviving criticism that the mayor is turning the city into a “nanny state.”

“New York City plans to restrict big-size soda sales,” Wall Street Journal

“Liberal Fascism!?!” they scoffed when Jonah Goldberg published his book in 2008. “Well, someone has to do something. And this isn’t really that absurd or restrictive of freedom!” they puled like mewling simpletons in 2012.

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