Dems would’ve attacked Romney on Ryan Plan anyway

by Sonny Bunch on August 13, 2012

(So you might as well have Ryan on hand to defend it, right?)

George Will understands why the Ryan pick was a good one:

Romney embraced Ryan after the sociopathic — indifferent to the truth — ad for Barack Obama that is meretricious about every important particular of the death from cancer of the wife of steelworker Joe Soptic. Obama’s desperate flailing about to justify four more years has sunk into such unhinged smarminess that Romney may have concluded: There is nothing Obama won’t say about me, because he has nothing to say for himself, so I will chose a running mate whose seriousness about large problems and ideas underscores what the president has become — silly and small.

Emphasis mine. There are some who worry that the Ryan pick is going to cause Romney trouble with seniors in Florida. “Well now they can run ads about the ‘gutting’ of Medicare and the election is going to be about entitlements and Florida is lost and ugggghhhhh.” Guys. Seriously. You think Obama wasn’t going to run those ads anyway? You think Team Obama wasn’t splicing Mitt Romney into ads throwing grannies off of cliffs? You think Priorities USA wasn’t finding some old Democrat to mendaciously jibber on about how Mitt Romney looked at his wife once and then 10 years later she got cancer?

What universe are you living in?

By picking Ryan, here’s what Romney has done: He has equipped his team with the one man on the planet who fully grasps the nuances of the Ryan budget and has no problem calling out liars for lying.

Perhaps most importantly, he has picked a candidate who has a mother on Medicare living in Florida. If team Romney isn’t cutting an ad right now starring Paul Ryan’s mom assuring the olds that her boy’s plan isn’t going to do anything to the Medicare of anyone over 55 and that this plan will ensure their grandkids have a shot at some form of Medicare when they get old and that President Obama is a dick who is lying about her boy and oh, by the way, Barack Obama wants to cut $700B from Medicare, we should sue the campaign for negligence and incompetence.

I’m not saying the Ryan pick makes Florida easier, mind you. I’m just saying that, regardless of who Romney picked, Obama and his surrogates were going to lie about Romney’s position because he is, as George Will notes, a sociopath. So why not have someone in place to combat those lies?

(Image by Katherine Miller.)

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