More anti-Red Dawn rhetoric

by Sonny Bunch on November 23, 2012

Me, at the Free Beacon, on the role globalization played in gutting the new Red Dawn and other American big budget films: American film studios have been more than willing to censor their work to secure Chinese distribution. Thirteen minutes of Men in Black 3 were censored in China because the authorities feared that a scene in which government agents erased a […]


Fun Fact!

by Sonny Bunch on November 19, 2012

The dude in this photo? The one next to President Barack Obama who is smiling, happy as a clam? He was a commander in the Khmer Rouge! He’s currently the dictator in charge of Cambodia and said of his opposition: “I not only weaken the opposition, I’m going to make them dead … and if anyone […]


Leveling the playing field

by Sonny Bunch on November 17, 2012

For years, the media—especially the international media—has been far harder on Israel than those living in the Palestinian territories. One obvious recent example: Before this week did you have any idea that almost a thousand rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel so far this year? No? But you sure knew about Israeli “aggression” […]

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REVIEW: ‘The IAF targets Ahmed Jabri’

by Sonny Bunch on November 15, 2012

The first thing you’ll notice in the latest release from Israeli Defense Forces Studios is its simplicity. The short film’s minimalism is stark: a god’s eye view shot in black and white and gray, looking down on a moving car. The eye is drawn to a little yellow circle while our ear is drawn to […]


Not a Parody

by Sonny Bunch on November 14, 2012

I love reading feminist blogs specifically for paragraphs like these: The issue of gender-neutral restrooms was not so straight forward. It all started when a male-bodied individual asked if they should be using the stall instead of the urinal in the male-turned-gender-neutral multi-stall restroom. The response was to the effect of: we should be prioritizing […]


Obamacare supporters, please repeat after me

by Sonny Bunch on November 14, 2012

“If we increase costs on businesses, businesses will find ways to recoup the money. If we make it more expensive to hire/employ people, employers will stop hiring people and either fire or cut the hours of those they do employ. This is basic economics, of which we are ignorant. We apologize for forcing new costs […]


Trickle Down Politicking

by Sonny Bunch on November 13, 2012

Remember when everyone was all “Oh my god, Citizens United is the death of democracy and we should be extremely happy to viciously curtail political speech during an election in order to protect our freedoms!!” Yeah, that was a bunch of ridiculous nonsense: To be sure, this was a year of record political spending. Conservative […]

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Silly platitudes, 140 characters at a time

by Sonny Bunch on November 12, 2012

I was so struck by this Conor Friedersdorf tweet over the weekend that I tucked it away for future reference as a prime example of “tweets that sound profound but are actually relatively silly”: If a CIA director’s affair imperils national security maybe we should rethink the extent to which we rely on and empower […]

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Four More Years (of Fail)

by Sonny Bunch on November 7, 2012

So, the election. That was a fun 15 months or so. I wrote a kind of long, extremely overwrought* post last night that will likely never see the light of day. I canned it for a variety of reasons. I would like to relay just one small anecdote, though. (Update below.) After 2008 was in […]


Oof: Nearly all of these books wander more or less directly into the “danger” Žižek warned against. They are deeply, hopelessly in love with this protest. Each one takes for granted that the Occupy campaign was world-shaking and awe-inspiring—indeed, this attitude is often asserted in the books’ very titles: This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and […]

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