A Scene from Washington, D.C.

by Sonny Bunch on January 10, 2013


A Young Professional walks down the street, hurrying to make the light. A Disheveled Interloper seeks to stop him.

DI: Excuse me, can I stop you for a second and ask…

YP: Sorry, no. [Hurries on]

The half-walk, half-run is not enough; the light turns yellow. He frustratedly sighs, stops, and waits. CUT TO The DI as he approaches.

DI: You know, I wasn’t going to ask you for money; that was really rude.

YP: I’m sorry.

DI: [Glaring] What I was going to ask was if I could shine your shoes.

YP: [Confused, YP looks down at his shoes, then back up at DI] I’m wearing sneakers?

DI: [Looks down, looks back up] Shit. Yeah you are. [Beat] Motherfuckers like you make me sick, someone gave you a chance, and you… [His voice fades as he shuffles away]

The light changes, and the still-confused Young Professional hurries off, ready for his next adventure.

FADE OUT as street sounds play in the background.


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