3D on the wane?

by Sonny Bunch on January 1, 2013

There’s an interesting factoid in Vulture’s roundup of the 2012 box office figures:

Could it be that there’s actually an inverse relationship between usurious 3-D ticket prices and box office attendance? It’s actually not such a crazy notion. Movie ticket prices overall have actually been on the downslope after having hit a record high during the summer. Despite concerns that theaters would seek to amortize the cost of 3-D on the backs of their 2-D customers, the opposite has actually happened: This year saw a hefty 18 percent decrease in the number of 3-D films in wide release, and with fewer 3-D movies in the marketplace, movie tickets are actually dropping in price, making them a more appealing prospect for the cash-strapped this year.

I don’t think this is a crazy notion at all. People actively hate 3D, which was pushed by the likes of Jeffrey Katzenberg solely because studios and theaters could get audiences to pay more money for tickets. It is a nuisance and a bother, at best: something many people tolerate but few people actually love. I bet the number of people who never go to 3D movies far outnumbers the number of people who only go to 3D movies, and that the vast majority of audiences just go because it’s the only format offered at the time they want to see a particular flick. Perhaps the market is sorting itself out?

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